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Sally Schneider

We recently needed a sturdy envelope to carry some papers in our big satchel. Hmmm. What to use? FedEx envelopes are made of Tyvek but they have all that terrible writing on them. NOT.

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What would happen if we turned one inside out so it became plain white, and then crumpled it to turn it more fabric-like?

(After all, Tyvek is a very coolpersonalized new baby gifts, strong material. We’;ve used an?Issy Miyake?Tyvek tote?for YEARS and it’;s only gotten more beautiful with age. As has our shower curtain from Grain Design.

So we tried it…;

FedEx envelopes are free and we have a number of them stashed in our office…;

Sally Schneider

We turned it inside out…;

Sally Schneider

Then laid it flat, pulled off the tap that covers its sticky closure and folded the tab over to make a sturdier edge…;

Sally Schneider

Then we balled up the envelope a number of times to crumple the heck out of it…;(some beautiful sculpture, eh?)…;

Sally Schneider

When we flattened it out, we had a well neutral, no-logos envelope to carry our notes…;.

Sally Schneider

Since Tyvek is writable, we could easily have embellished it…;

Note: Tyvek is?100% High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), one of the most commonly recycled plastics and is PVC free.

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