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Wallpaper is a popular choice for home decor, with a wide selection of available colors, textures and patterns. This guide will help you sort through all the different designs and features so you can pick the wallpaper best suited for your needs and personality.


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The most popular wallpapers are pre-pasted vinyl and vinyl-coated papers, which offer effortless applicationpersonalized new baby gifts, are resistant to tears, can be adjusted before the paper hardens, and are easy to clean and care for.

Wallpaper can be made from a variety of materials, including paper, fabric and substances such as glass, sand and even natural fibers like grass or bamboo.

Foil accents and embossed patterns add extra dimension and texture.


Wallpaper comes in a wide range of lengths and widths. How much you need will depend on the square footage of the space you are wallpapering.


Wallpaper can help you create themed rooms, add subtle accents or cover up imperfections and allow you to produce patterns and effects that are impossible to achieve with paint.

Be sure to use colors and patterns that complement the shape, size and décor of a room. Also remember that larger patterns can require the purchase of additional rolls to match up properly.

There are a number of ways to make sure you get the desired look from your wallpaper. One key thing to remember when buying is to make sure each roll is from the same dye lot. This number is also called the batch or run number. It ensures that rolls bearing the same number were made from the same batch for a correct color match every time. Mixing wallpaper from other lot numbers may result in visible irregularities as the ink colors may vary slightly.

Darker colors

Floral or repeated patterns

Large patterns

Light colors

Small patterns


Pick your wallpaper based on your needs. If you have young children likely to use the wall as their easel, get scrubbable wallpaper. Use faux surfaces on your wallpaper to pull a certain look into any room.

Scrubbable wallpaper withstands more thorough scrubbing with a brush and mild detergent to get stains out.

Certain papers with acrylic coatings are washable. This means that you can use a sponge to give them a light cleaning as needed.

When you want to give your room a more tactile dimension, choose wallpaper with interesting texture and embossed elements. Some wallpapers can mimic materials such as leather or tin ceilings for more interesting and eclectic effects.

Wallpaper is designed to work with a complementary border for a complete look. Use the manufacturer's suggested selections or mix and match your own to create a custom style.

Replicate the look of a log cabin in your living room or install an intergalactic landscape in your bedroom with specialized wallpaper designed to create the effect of faux surfaces and landscapes. These wallpapers are especially useful in creating specialty or themed rooms, such as a child's bedroom or a game room.

It’s being deemed the “Shazam for color.”

Erin Kern who runs the blog Cotton Stem out of Owasso, Oklahoma, first created her book wall art back in 2015. “It was an original idea at the time, at least to me,” she told TODAY Home. “And it's been quite the honor to see it re-created and expounded upon.”

We love the beautiful meal settings and spirited conversation that occur in a well-designed kitchen or dining space. The modern dining room above is a great example of making a small space work to your advantage with a few key pieces. Read on for?details about why this room works.

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