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Hello, everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Matt and I celebrated the one-year anniversary of our engagement on Friday, 10/18. Is that even an event? I vote yes. ??

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We've also been busy knocking projects off of our wedding to-do list. I am happy to report that all six dozen of the homemade jam wedding favors have been made and stored. They'll just need a little embellishment to get them 100% ready for next May…;but the hard work is done. I also settled on the finishing touches for our semi-DIY invitations and picked up the necessary supplies, which are staring me down as I write this DIY.

So without further ado, I give you this week's post, the Thank-You Treat Bag DIY, AKA the easiest and cheapest thing I've made for our wedding.

Candy and dessert bars have been the rage for a while, and I have been completely sucked in by the trend. If you check out my wedding Pinterest board, you'll definitelyfind a retro-inspired table or two (or seven) over which I am swooning. They're just so pretty, funpersonalized new baby gifts, and customizable for any variety of themes and budgets.? Originally, Matt and I had planned to take the candy-table-as-wedding-favor avenue, but somewhere along the way, we decided to give urban homesteading a fair shake, which has resulted in the aforementioned jam favors.

But, we still want candy, because CANDY.

Our guest list is settled at somewhere in the 60-person range, which gives us some room to play, budget-wise. So, in addition to wedding cupcakes, and in keeping with our

retro theme, we'll offer our guests a selection of our (and our wedding party's) favorite penny candy, with pretty little kraft paper sacks to carry home the loot. These

cuties are the perfect size for wedding treats and your wallet. For planning purposes, once cut and punched, these bags will comfortably hold about a cup of candy, or one

cupcake, or 2 bite-size desserts.

Supplies needed for the Rustic DIY Favor Bags:

?#1 Kraft bags. These are the smallest common size of kraft bag, although teeny, tiny ones can be found at your local craft mecca. I would advise you to shop around to

get a good price. Kraft is still a strong wedding trend, and while you can find these bags? on Etsy and in retail stores for around $2.99/dozen, the best value I found was

500 pieces for $5.64 at my local wholesale restaurant supply company (wahoo!). If it's easier/more practical to buy the bags at retail, 40% off coupons a couple of

willing friends will make quick work of the gathering process. ??

Scissors, an edge punch, stamp, and stamp pad ($2.80, purchased for 40% off at a local craft store) of your choice. I’m using a Chalk White ink pad, in

keeping with our theme.


1. Trim about 1.5″; off the top of the bag. The bags I purchased had a ‘;1' stamped across one side, so I used that as a guide.

2. Feed each bag through the edge punch to create a perforated topper.

3. Thoroughly ink your stamp and center it, ink-down, on one side of the bag, pressing firmly and evenly to transfer the image.

And…;ta-da! The finished product.

Total disclosure time: This is a straight-up lazy girl's (or guy's) DIY, y'all. It took me more time to take the pictures than to stamp the bags! It's also very budget-friendly. I purchased ink and bags, and used supplies that I already had on-hand to create the final product. Total project cost: $8.64. That's 12 cents/bag; however, considering that I bought the bags in bulk, the cost was just over 1 cent/bag! If I'd bought the bags in packs of 12 at retail, I would have paid twice as much. Cha-ching.

So, what do you think? I ‘;d love to know your thoughts and ideas!



This step by step will walk you through the super easy process of making a tote bag. This particular variation is a pretty heavy duty one, so feel free to adjust a bit if you don't need one that will carry such a heavy load. You will need: - Sewing machine. The walking foot machine at any Techshop location is a great bet, but any machine will do.- Canvas or some similar woven fabric. Canvas is cheap and pretty tough so that was my choice. My bottom is made of waxed canvas to make it a bit water proof and extra rugged, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. - Webbing, enough to go up both sides, and make the handles at the very least. You can figure this by multiplying the height of your bag by 4 and adding 2-4 ft depending on how big you want the handles and if you want to wrap the webbing all the way under the bag (extra reinforcement). This is a pretty basic project so I would say give yourself an hour and half to two hours tops.Here we go!!

Unrefined and natural are the two best words to describe a rustic interior and furthermore you don't have to live in the country to adopt the look and style for your home. The use of natural materials crops up once again with wood being a principal player along with exposed stone work. This interior design style also takes us back to our roots and the days when life was by no means easy but it didn't have the trappings and pressure of today's fast paced and hectic lifestyles.

I’m always looking for fun and unique ideas to decorate my sewing room. ?I love using things like cookie jar, decorative baskets, bento boxes for purposes other than what they were intended. A?cookie jar full of ric rac is ?pretty yummy too don’t you agree? ?Today I have a project for you that also uses a few items in unexpected ways to decorate your sewing space. ?I hope you like these DIY Sewing Room Decor ideas and don’t kill me for suggesting that you add a vinyl decal to your quilt rulers!

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