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Yesterday we took a look at classic décor for open plan layouts; today we are back in the present with contemporary style decorating. Open plan layouts and contemporary decorating are well suited together as more and more home owners are looking to expand their spaces and have multi-purpose rooms.

As always though, the questions arise on how you should approach this style and retain a homely feel to your interiors. If we can help we will - which is why we have rounded up some top ideas and inspiration for making your homes as beautiful as can be! With most of now having the need for a home office of some sorts, a large room such as a dining room can be so designed to double up as a place to entertain and eatpersonalized new baby gifts, plus a home office or study area.

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When dining and entertaining however, you will want to achieve a look that partially disguises the office space and a seamless décor is your answer. You can do this with little cost by choosing office storage with an attractive appearance - a row of files on overhead shelving should blend in with your colour palette or be left simple in classic white.

There are not many things that ooze so much luxury than having an open plan bedroom-bathroom - very much like some of the high end hotels we sigh over! It can be done of course; we would recommend a smooth décor from both parts of the room by having a cosy chair, footstool and cushy floor rugs in the bathing zone - even a low coffee table with some reading material will elevate this open plan to serious style.

Open plan lounge-diners are becoming quite popular and you will often see some good examples when browsing interior design ideas online or in a glossy. We think this design works well with a light and cheerful colour palette such as a white, cream and soft yellow; a slightly bolder yellow is brought in with accents to define the function of each zone. The feeling becomes almost like an alfresco dining experience and patio lounging with rattan furniture and a few potted plants as décor pieces.

Choose a bright yellow such as sunflower for contemporary dining chairs, cushions and throws with a glossy white for other accessories. For kitchen-diners you have quite a few options - with some of the most modern designs utilising island units for both food prep, cooking and dining all in one. We also like to see a real dining table and chairs in the open plan kitchen-diner; it has an air of glamour about it when you decorate wisely.

Round dining tables are best for a slightly smaller space and the dining zone is highlighted by the help of an uber-modern pendant lamp in a bright colour or unique form. You can also make this space decorative with open shelving, displaying your best dinnerware and sparkling champagne glasses!

Welcome to the fourth and final week of our WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge! You can read all about our month-long challenge (and the fabulous prizes you could win) in our post here.

I was so excited to get another big box of Martha Stewart Craft Supplies.? I mean, who doesn’t like getting big boxes delivered, especially when it’s full of Martha Stewart products! This box was full of Craft Paint in all finishes.? Glitter, satin, pearl, high gloss.? It also had other solutions to add for fabric paint, stucco finish etc….? I was a bit intimidated by those, but I can’t wait to try them out. In addition to the paint, there were several packages of stencils.? SWEET!

It’s January and organizing ideas are all around us! I have been the purging queen, and looking for stylish storage solutions in every room of my home!

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