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personalized new baby gifts Interior Design Ideas for Master Bedrooms 7- Oriental funny cushion covers

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In this last post of our mini-series we're including an Oriental inspired timeless classic which exudes chic styling and can be achieved even in the modest sized master bedrooms. Using a rich variety of print silks and satins, light, yet warm colour tones opulent Oriental bedrooms are a guaranteed success. Milky white double duvet covers with a hint of floral embroidery are used to connect with Oriental silk fabrics used in the fabulous headboard. As we've seen at the beginning of this mini-series statement headboards remain on-trend.

This style of headboard is easy to achieve on a budget. Simply use MDF board and cut into two elongated rectangles, using a staple gun cover the board with faux silk fabric making sure you full the fabric tight without over stretching it. For added comfort and opulence use padding and real silk fabric; don't rush this project as the fabric is delicate and can easily be accidentally rippedpersonalized new baby gifts, make sure the surface is smooth and wrinkle free before fixing the headboards to the wall. Black lacquered furniture will help to bring opulent look to the room and be in keeping with an Oriental bedroom.

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Keep the room light and airy by using light wall colours, off-white is ideal and will coordinate beautifully with the duvet cover sets. Blinds will make a suitable window dressing, off-white fabric vertical blinds offer a modern look which is warm and inviting as well as being very practical. The blinds can be used as the sole window dressing or used in conjunction with lightweight curtains depending on how 'Oriental' you want the room to look. If you do use curtains plain faux silk panels are ideal, while the blinds will give you the privacy you need. Alternatively bamboo or black wooden blinds will also look stylish and coordinate with the furniture.

Flooring can be carpet or wooden flooring, whichever you prefer, although you may think that Chinese rugs will best suit the room be careful not to include too many contradictions in patterns as this can be very confusing and spoil the simplicity of this gorgeous bedroom design. For accessories hand-fans make pretty wall decorations, while pink or white orchids in black vases tie the theme together perfectly. Don't go overboard on your accessories as you want the room to have an uncluttered look, with the attention being drawn to the focal point, which in this case will the beautiful headboards.

This weeks round-up of what interior design blogs are sharing with us is packed full of colour, patterns and designs to spark our imagination and inspire us to use more patterns in our fashion choices and soft furnishings for our homes.

Clean every surface of the trim, baseboards, and floor. Then clean them again. I remove old caulking around the floor trim and toilet. Removed quarter round along the tub and door threshold. Removed shower curtain rod and toilet paper holder.

Sometimes you need just one little addition to trim a project. Piping is a great finish to pillows, children's collars, and--in this case--A Christmas stocking. Satin piping is getting harder for me to find, so I decided to take some scrap fabric and some rat tail I had on hand to finish off this cross stitch project for my beautiful daughter-in- law.

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