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Fashionable and functional, chandeliers should be incorporated into the home just as any decorative accessory or object of art would be chosen. You should view this purchase with same enjoyment they would use in buying fine furniture- a beautiful chandelier is an investment that will add to the value of your home.

To find the right style chandelier for your home, simply begin with a colour or a material that is predominant in the decor of the room or any dominant furniture pieces or patterns- some Art Nouveau fabric for example would provide an excellent reference point. Next, think about the kind of statement do you wish to make. If the room is more traditional, choose chandeliers with more ornamentation and decorative details. If your home is modernpersonalized new baby gifts, opt for less ornamentation and simpler details.

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Don’t be afraid of a little variation. Mixing of materials and styles within one fixture is now a common design trend. It is not unusual, for example, to find a rustic cast-iron fixture with crystals hanging from it, or different metals and types of glass all incorporated into one fixture. British interiors was wonderfully eclectic these days as homeowners are now very comfortable mixings styles they have seen on T.V. Chandeliers lends themselves neatly to that process.

You can look for a chandelier that is inspired by the period reflected in the room you are putting it, but you don't have to. Many contemporary designs are a blend of traditional elements with modern materials. A popular palette at the minute is glass and alabaster with polished chrome or satin nickel, which makes them work with a variety of styles.

The most modern chandeliers are now feature much more geometric patterns and fit very well into minimalist decor. Add some life to such schemes by choosing coloured glass or crystal; this will really add sparkle and vibrancy to proceedings. Matching the colours to the surrounding fabrics will make the addition seamless, if for example you have dark blue curtains; spread the colour further with some sapphire crystals.

Once you have chosen your chandelier, use the following handy tips to make sure you get the most from it. First things first- light it right. Choosing the correct lightbulbs for your particular chandelier is crucial and often overlooked. Clear bulbs in chandeliers with exposed bulbs, or crystal glass enclosures will enhance sparkle. In chandeliers with linen shades, frosted bulbs cast a pleasing glow and won't create shadows.

Ensure complete control of the mood of your lighting by fitting a dimmer switch. Most of the time, the lighting capability of a chandelier far surpasses what is actually needed, so unless you want to feel like you are being interrogated at every meal, or turn your hallway into a landing zone UFOs, remember to tone down the intensity. Take stock of the weight of your chandelier and if necessary, have extra bracing fitting into your ceiling. Lastly, give it a spring clean now and then. If you aren’t confident doing it yourself, have a professional do it for you- just make sure his name isn’t Trotter!

This step by step will walk you through the super easy process of making a tote bag. This particular variation is a pretty heavy duty one, so feel free to adjust a bit if you don't need one that will carry such a heavy load. You will need: - Sewing machine. The walking foot machine at any Techshop location is a great bet, but any machine will do.- Canvas or some similar woven fabric. Canvas is cheap and pretty tough so that was my choice. My bottom is made of waxed canvas to make it a bit water proof and extra rugged, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. - Webbing, enough to go up both sides, and make the handles at the very least. You can figure this by multiplying the height of your bag by 4 and adding 2-4 ft depending on how big you want the handles and if you want to wrap the webbing all the way under the bag (extra reinforcement). This is a pretty basic project so I would say give yourself an hour and half to two hours tops.Here we go!!

Unrefined and natural are the two best words to describe a rustic interior and furthermore you don't have to live in the country to adopt the look and style for your home. The use of natural materials crops up once again with wood being a principal player along with exposed stone work. This interior design style also takes us back to our roots and the days when life was by no means easy but it didn't have the trappings and pressure of today's fast paced and hectic lifestyles.

I’m always looking for fun and unique ideas to decorate my sewing room. ?I love using things like cookie jar, decorative baskets, bento boxes for purposes other than what they were intended. A?cookie jar full of ric rac is ?pretty yummy too don’t you agree? ?Today I have a project for you that also uses a few items in unexpected ways to decorate your sewing space. ?I hope you like these DIY Sewing Room Decor ideas and don’t kill me for suggesting that you add a vinyl decal to your quilt rulers!

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