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Periodically we like to feature the messy workspaces of artists as a reminder that being creative often means making a mess…;We see it as an antidote to the shelter-magazine vision of a nice neat life that has infiltrated our heads over the years.

To take the idea a step further, we thought it would be fun to run a picture of Sally’s hacked kitchen as it was photographed for just one such magazine (note the artfully arranged array of photogenic foods) alongside an i-Phone photo Sally took one day when all-hell-was-breaking-lose in that same kitchen… and she couldn’t keep up with all the things she had to do, not to mention close the cabinet doorpersonalized baby blankets, or break up an Amazon box to take to the recycling bin or even pick up a paper off the floor.

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A lot of that stuff on the counter are objects waiting to be photographed and half-done projects for ‘the improvised life’, amidst bills and lists and…

The truth of that kitchen is that it waxes and wanes…; gets messy then neat…;out-of-control then serene and collected, and back again. Real life and making and doing is a wild business: work….in….progress….

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Fling and Be Flung

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that Dan and I have yet to celebrate together, which is surprising because we craaaaaaave Mexican?food. At some point we just started getting Mexican?takeout a couple days a week . This year we’re going to a baby shower on Cinco de Mayo but after looking at these yummy recipes?I have feeling?we’re going to find a way to satisfy our craving.

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