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Emily Johnson

The image-clad steel door in photographer?Emily Johnston‘;s apartment sharpened our eyes for the magnetic surfaces that already exist in many homes. (It may take us a while to employ Holton Rower’;s idea of cladding a wall with iron painted to match the room, to create a secretly-magnetized wall on which to instantly display images.)

pillow covers vintage

The way to find out if something is magnetized is to simply run a magnet over it. We have a range of sizes and holding strengths that we bought from K&;J Magnetics; they are amazingly useful.

Here are the magnetized surfaces we’;ve found so far: our steel apartment door, the medicine cabinet door (inside and out), iron bathtubspersonalized baby blankets, certain walls that have steel studs behind them, and especially, the refrigerator door. Rather than tacking the usual small photos, mementos and lists to it, we’;re contemplating having a poster made that would cover its entire surface, mural-like. This image gives the gist (though it was actually air-brushed on):


We might go for something graphic, like this type doodle we made playing around in Photoshop…;

Sally Schneider

…;or something inspired by the great designer of the 40’;s and 50’;s, Alvin Lustig:

…;or perhaps, a sign:


Olafur Eliasson

…;or a photo…;

Library of Congress

Lots of possibilities.

top image via San Francisco Girl By the Bay?via?Rue Magazine; bottom image by?LukeSobczakAirbrush?via DeviantArt

Is this thing on? Can you hear me? What's my line? Gulp. I was invited to appear on Sew It All TV earlier this year, and the episode (#207) has been airing recently. (I haven't seen it yet, have you?) "Um, I don't sew" I told them. "That's cool!" they said "come on and show us how to embroider!" That, I can do.

In 2009, artist Lee Walton exhibited his “destination specific” sculptures: brightly colored, asymetrically-shaped slabs of plywood, dated, with directions for being taken taken out of the gallery and “displayed elsewhere”. ?He drove one to a field and leaned it against a tree stump. From a distance: a winter field with a surprising blast of red.

Wine lovers rejoice! Wine themed weddings are all the rage these days and there are plenty of cool and unique ways to incorporate wine bottles, wine glasses, wine corks and other wine related items in your wedding decor that will make a stunning impression on your guests.

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