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Sometimes I like to skip steps.

Who doesn’;t, right?

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Well, knits allow you to leave their edges raw, without fraying…;..and add a whole shabby look in the meantime.

But it sure saves some time. Love that.

Here’;s another scarf. I told you my little brain has been on scarf overdrive.

With lots of little fabric strips for detail.

How to?

Cut two pieces of knitpersonalized baby blankets, 80 x 6.5 inches. A front and back piece.

Then cut 28 mini strips of knit, 6.5 x 3/4 inches. You’;ll be using 7 pieces on each end of your scarf front and back piece.

Then, starting an inch and a half from the end of your front piece (my end rolled a bit, so it’;s hard to tell), pin 7 of your strips to the scarf.A hint here: your strips will probably roll and curl. Place the rolled edges outward, so that after sewing them in place they curl towards the outside, giving it more visual appeal.

Then sew them in place. See how the edges are curling outwards?

Then repeat with the other end. And now repeat with the back scarf piece.

Now, sew the front scarf piece and the back scarf piece together, with wrong sides together. Now all of your edges are raw.

Trim any unevenness and you’;re set.

In the Woodland Tote project we learn to apply a zipper, how to make quilted straps and how to sew with the BERNINA Walking foot #50. This tote is a perfect size bag to take just about anywhere, with an easy and convenient front zipper pocket to stash your need-to-find items quickly!

Rebecca from Cooking With My Kid is here to share a fantastic field guide for an activity that your lil’ one is sure to love. Take it away Rebecca!…This morning I surprised my kid with an indoor bird watching expedition complete with make-your-own binoculars and breakfast trail mix. He’s been talking about it all day long.The bird watching expedition starts with our special breakfast trail mix which we take along while we search for birds throughout the house using our home made binoculars.My kid uses the Bird Watching Guide I created to find each of the birds hidden throughout the house. Once he’s identified and found a bird, he circles it on the guide and heads off to look for the next.

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