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(Video link HERE.) I LOVE this video! Filmmaker/designer?Casey Neistat?describes his great Intuitive Categorization Method for organizing his tools and little stuff. I’;m loving it especially because it showed up right on time, in time, this morning.

I’;m in a big studio cleanup and just ordered some nifty, inexpensive plastic boxes with adjustable sections to reorganize my jewelry tools and supplies.

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The surprise challenge has been that although I had decided to organize them one waypersonalized baby blankets, the materials demanded?that I organize them in a another, more intuitive way. “;Function follows form!”; they shouted.

Susan Dworski

I capitulated to their niggly little metallic, glass and stone suggestions, and now all that remains is to figure out how to label them. I’;m liking the polka dot, color code solution. Something about all that scribbly writing on the exposed boxes is offputting. Like having a cereal box?in the middle of the breakfast table, ads and ingredients hollering at you. ?Am I being overly sensitive?

NOT. Whatever works, is what I’;m going with.

—Susan Dworski

Editor’;s Note: Intrigued by?Casey Neistat‘;s very cool, markable red plastic boxes…;

Casey Neistat

…;we tracked ’;em down at Amazon (or something very close): Akro-Mils Red 12-Inch ProBox Plastic Tool Box. Akro-Mils makes several styles of red (and other) storage bins.

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Yes, you read that right.

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