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personalized baby blankets How to create texture with rugs and drapes - sofa pillow covers

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Texture is an important element of interior design that is often forgotten. Your Home and Garden magazine teamed up with two homeowners to show how you can create a chic, cosy interior using layers of lovely texture

Simon and Jude Woodward have spent the past two years respectfully renovating a rundown 1885 worker’s cottage in Hobsonville. The now-gorgeous home features beautiful textures which add warmth to the space, along with plenty of unadorned timber.

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Simon made the coffee table (pictured above) out of jarrah railway sleepers, protected with a high-gloss lacquer finish. The wood’s beautiful knotspersonalized baby blankets, nail holes and weathering echo the home’s long history. Simon and Jude love displaying collections of books and treasured items on coffee tables and furniture, so their home looks unique and tells a personal story about them.

Vintage Tatari runner (top picture), $280, from Siggada Kilims; white linen curtain, POA, and grey-blue curtain, POA, both from Freedom; Diamond Weave chair, $625, from Indie Home Collective; Petje cushion (bottom picture), $89.90, from Country Road; plant and planter from The Botanist. All other items, home owners own.

Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson and Shani Luckman. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! Flooring can easily fall to the bottom of the to-do list because of budget but we’re here to share a DIY trick so that doesn’t happen to you! Use a stencil pattern to get your floor looking stylish again. A stencil design can easily add affordable style to any space.? Today we’re going to share with you a stenciled entryway floor featuring our Augusta Tile Stencil. Come take a look…

A classmate inspecting a freshly-poured silver casting in Penland's metals studio

Use balance to help bring a balanced look to your interiors. Image Via: Culligan Abraham Architecture

We all know an example of good interior design when we see it. In fact, most of us can make that judgment almost instantly. Have you ever wondered why that ability seems to come to us so instinctually, even though we may not be professional interior designers?

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