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Happy Monday my DIY artists!? So last week,? Cutting Edge Stencils posted about the budding new art trend; stenciling on reclaimed wood.? Just to refresh your memory, reclaimed wood art is basically re-using lumber that you may already have to create a decorative piece of art in your house. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?? You can check out Phrase Stenciled Reclaimed Wood Art for some awesome examples.

Well no sooner did we post about stenciled reclaimed wood art, then we started to see wood art popping up all over.? We’;ve seen it made from palletspersonalized baby blankets, barnwood, left over lumber, shingles, you name it! Wood art is super hot! Like this awesome piece that Laura from Finding Home made from recycled barnwood using our Charlotte Stencil.? Isn’;t that absolutely gaw-geous!

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Or like this super fun wood art crafted by Kate from Kiss The Sky.? She used our Flower Power Stencil in playful hues to get this stunning work of art!

Do we have you super excited over these amazing examples? The best thing about recycled wood art is that it’;s so easy to create.? Today, Stencil Stories is going to walk you through the easy steps to create your very own Stenciled Wood Art.

First, I want to introduce you to Kelli, one of the most awesome DIY crafters and blogger behind Lolly Jane.? Her and her sister have been buzzing about pallet art/barnwood art for awhile now.? When we offered Kelli a chance to try out one of our new Phrase Stencils, she not only jumped at the chance and quickly decided on a trendy new art project.? Kelli had some left over wood shingles from her parent’;s old house stored behind her shed.? After digging through the pile she came up with about 7 pieces that she thought would work well for her art project.? She secured them together and then painted her Home is Where the Heart Is Stencil in some fab Summertime colors.? WAHLA! She had a gorgeous and oh so trendy piece of wood art to hang in her home.

Here’;s what you need to do to recreate her wooden work of art…;

1. First select the stencil you’;d like to use from Cutting Edge Stencil.? Now that you know the dimension of your stencil, you can find wood slats that match the height and length of your stencil. In this case the wood needs to be 16.5″; x 19.5″; or larger.

2. Next to create a blank canvas use wood shims to hold the wood planks together. ?Pre-drilling is a must if you’;re working with old wood because if you don’t, your wood can crack!

3. Once you have a blank pallet, you can begin stenciling! Make sure you wipe clean the wood.? Then lay the stencil across the wood, line it up and secure with painters tape.

4. Now you’;re ready to paint! Kelli used DecoArt’s Cadmium Yellow and Sea Breeze mint for her project.? Pour your paint into a Styrofoam plate.? Then dip you brush into the paint being careful that you’;re not over-coating the brush.? Try blotting the paint brush onto the wood instead of sweeping it across like you would on a wall.? This will help prevent any bleed.? It’;s important to build your paint coverage in layers for the cleanest lines possible.

5.? Wait 2-3 minutes for the paint to dry a little before removing the stencil from the wood.

This is what it will look like when it’s done- AH-MAZING!!!

Can’t get enough?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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