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When we?had the idea for a new Mixed Media paper where you could let your creative imagination run wild, we?had no idea how wonderful the end result would be. ?If you?have not heard about our?new papers they are simply, awesome. ?Unlike regular paper, they are special. They feel special, look specialpersonalized baby blankets, act special and are the perfect Mixed Media surface. ?They actually feel like fabric with a very?soft hand, but they are very, very strong. ?Stable enough to handle lots of water media, paints, layers and all the mixed media products you can throw on them. ?The paper brings out the amazing color of the various paints and the end results are stunning.

Lynne received some of the very first samples hot off the press and here is what Lynne created. ?Warning: ?this paper is?addicting, it is too fun to work with, the designs are beautiful and there are many different options, so before reading further?and?seeing Lynne’;s creative projects just remember, we warned you!!!!!

navy nursery pillow

I was able to get my hands of some of the“;NEW”; Mixed Media Origins paperand I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE!the cloth like paperthat is fabulous to the touchand gorgeous images!

?…;.then pulled out a fewTattered Angels ~ Glimmer MistBashNavy BlueSiennaCoral ReefSunflowerCrimson

I let the playing begin!I totally got lost in the coloring process!

Here are a few?closeups…;.

I sprayed Glimmer Mist, direct to paper…;.I sprayed the paper with water and painted on Glimmer Mist…;.I painted with full strength Glimmer Mist on dry paper…;..

I sprayed direct to paper and let it drip…;.I applied Glimmer Mist to the edges of the paperwith my finger.Any way I could think of getting the color on the paper.

…;..but what to do with the paper all “;colored”;??

I decided to cut it in half…;to create a mini.I now had the backside of the paper to “;color”;.I put a bit of Glimmer Mist into a paint tray,sprayed the paper with waterand let the “;coloring”; begin.

I was SOOOO IMPRESSED with theMixed Media Origins ~ Nature…;.there was no bleed through,and the paper remained flat.Here is the opposite side of the paper.

I wanted to accentuate the bark on the paper,so I mixed Perfect Paints ~ Polishing Plasterwith Perfect Glaze Mediumto create a more transparent texture medium.I applied the mixture to the Mixed Media Origins ~ Naturewith a palette knife and dabbed it with a sponge.

When dry, I sprayed the area withTattered Angels ~ Crocheted Doily.I liked how the color puddled in the texture.

Here is a close up of how it turned out…;.LOVE IT!(I wish you could feel it,the Mixed Media Origins paper is?flexible and flat!!!)

Here is my completed mini…;I used little pieces parts ofFluteBurlapFringeand Jute.

Here are the inside pages…;.

Here is another creations in which I usedMixed Media Origins ~ Graceyou can see more about this canvas here.

I hope you have enjoyed my creative adventure with the“;NEW”; Mixed Media Origins paper!!!This paper can take most anything you can throw at it…;.I can’;t wait to see what you Tattered Angels fans come up with!

Happy Creating!!!

Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends. ?One man’s trash can certainly be another man’s treasure when paint and our stencil patterns?are involved. We are excited to share a sweet dresser makeover?using the Indian Inlay Stencil Kit. ?All it took was one of our?furniture stencils?and a dash of creativity to make an old piece of furniture look like new. ?Let’s take a look!

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