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A lot of Dads likestuff. Stuff for washing the family car, stuff for fixing their bike, stuff forpottering about the garden, stuff to show off on the barbecue… and those arejust the classics. Dads also like their stuff to be orderly and easy to access,so we’;ve had the brilliant idea of combining the two!

This Father’;s Daywe’;ll be creating personalised ‘;Daddy Caddies’; for our treasured fatherfigures, and tailoring the contents to whatever our dadspersonalized baby blankets, grandads, stepdads,guardians, and partners would enjoy the most.

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The idea is assimple as it comes –; find a container, fill it with things –; but can be fullycustomised with ribbon trims, bows, labels, hand painting and more. We’;vechosen a BBQ grilling theme for the contents of our daddy caddy, but there’;s norestrictions on what you could fill yours with –; unless it’;s too big to fit in!

If you’;ve got room,a few other ideas might be seasoning packets, a bottle of beer, cider, or asoft drink he likes, a rolled up apron, bottle opener, sun hat or cool drinkholder.

Other combinationsthat we think work really well are foodie bits. If your dad enjoys creating inthe kitchen, think along the lines of fancy sauces, seasonings, non-perishableingredients and specialist cooking and preparing tools, or a recipe book. If he’;smore about the product rather than the process, look out for unusual andpremium treats that he can snack on as and when he feels like it –; independentdelicatessens are a great place to pick up something he probably hasn’;t seenbefore. Beers or miniatures are also a nice touch if your dad likes a tipple,and you could present him with a special glass too.

The sky is thelimit, so just tailor it to your favourite guy’;s interests.

Hola estoy muy contenta por estar de vuelta, compartiendo con ustedes mi ultima creación.

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