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personalized baby blankets Dressed like a Daydream – DIY Tote Bag customized gifts for mom

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All I can say after you read this post is that you can tell I’;ve got teenagers in the house with Taylor Swift on consistent repeat. ?To tell you the truth I kinda like it…; I spend the entire month of January walking around the house singing “;Baby I’;m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”;…; love that Ms. Swift, she’;s quite the wordsmith.

I figured the only way to get Blank Space out of my head was to turn it in to a craft project (yes, I’;m a crazy person…; I know this and embrace it fully).

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Armed with a bit of Derby Style fabricpersonalized baby blankets, a white tote bag and a sharpie, I came up with this fun DIY Quote Tote…; let me tell you ANYONE can do this…; It’;s no sew, you just need a few supplies from the craft store. I’;ve even made a template to help you out a bit. (We’;re going to leave out the whole ‘;baby I’;m a nightmare’; part *wink*)

To make one you’;re going to need:

-White Tote Bag

-Derby Style Fabric (you could use a Fat Quarter Pack) click here for source list


-Frixion Pen

-Heat N Bond Lite

-Iron (this one is my favorite, but any will do)

-Lightbox (use the flashlight app on your ipad if you don’;t have one already).

-Template (download on templates page)

To begin the first thing you need to do is trace the “;dressed like a ”; onto the front of a tote bag. Before you do this use your Frixion pen to draw a straight line accross the tote bag where you want the letters. Also mark the center of the tote bag with the pen.

Tape the template to your light box and insert the light box into the tote bag. Use the frixion pen to trace the letters onto the bag.

Take the lightbox out of the tote bag and on a flat surface go over the letters with a sharpie. Go slowly and don’;t let the pen rest too long in one spot (this will help keep the ink from bleeding).

Next trace the DAYDREAM letters onto the paper side of the heat n bond lite. ?Cut the letters out loosley and iron onto the WRONG side of the fabric.

Cut out the letters precicley.

Peel off the paper backing and layout on the tote bag. Make sure they are lined up properly. ?Use your iron to press the letters onto the bag.

If you want you can sew around the letters on your sewing machine, but it’;s not necessary since this is just a tote bag.

That’;s it!! Enjoy, and I apologize if that song is now stuck in your head *wink*

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Here is what I used to make these bright paper doily flowers: (Supply affiliate links are provided for your convenience.)

Okay, first up we need to chat…. the Kentucky Derby is May 2nd. ?That’s about 2 weeks away. It’s a HUGE deal here. ?The stores are all stocked with Derby Day party items, you find hats and fascinations all over the mall, and Derby talk pretty much dominates every tv broadcast. ?The next couple of weeks you’re going to see a lot of Kentucky Derby party and craft ideas shared here. ?Now I know what you’re thinking… what if I don’t care about the Derby? ?Well, you’re forgiven *wink* and… just know all of the ideas that I’m going to share are pretty general, you can easily adapt them for other holidays or occasions. ?I’ll be sharing a few ideas for my Derby Style fabric too, a few that are great for Derby and a few that are fun for just about anything.

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