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So I mentioned I am putting together a mystery-event-to-be-revealed-later that features a bunch of crazy bright pillows and showed you how to sew a Pouf Pillow. Here’;s another one that would work great for the home in a more subtle color combo. Get the simple Ruffle Stripe Pillow DIY after the jump…;DIY Ruffle Stripe Pillow

1. Pre-wash and cut your fabric. You’;ll need one piece the size of your pillow plus 1/2″; for the front. For the back you’;ll need two pieces the same length by half the width of your pillow plus 2.5″;. Then you’;ll need one long strip of any fabric in any width and length for your ruffle.

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2. Take the top piece of your pillow and place it right side up. one end of your ruffle strip to one side, and the other end to the other side. Find the middle and pin it somewhere in the middle. Doesn’;t have to be specific.

3. Fold your ruffle up and pin it intermittently like so:Sew with a straight stitch right up the middle:close-up:If you want, sew a couple more lines on either side:

4. Fold the inside edge of each back piece under 1/4″; and ironpersonalized baby blankets, then another 1/4″; and ironthen sew in place to finish the edges(or sew the one that will show and serge the other like i did here):

5. Lay your pillow front right side up, then lay the back piece that will show right side down, then the other back piece right side down. They will overlap, just make sure they are all aligned on the pillow edges.Sew it all together 1/4″; from the edge all the way around:Serge your edges or cut with pinking shears:Flip it inside out…;

6. Stuff your pillow in. Done!

Hi there! To date, there have been ZERO photos of our guest room on the blog. Admittedly, we have not done much in the room, other that put furniture in it and hang some curtains and random art. But, I hope that will change over the course of 2015–we are not going to rush it. So I have decided to tackle small projects for the guest room as I have time.

Ooooooh, I have been excited to officially announce that we are going to be making over our kitchen! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! But this is not just going to be anykitchen makeover. This is going to be a budget kitchen makeover. It is going to be one of the thriftiest kitchen makeovers you have ever seen. We are on abudgetfolks. That is good news for you, because you are going to get loads of high style ideas that won't hurt your wallet. Buckle up. This is going to be exciting.

Last week my mom sent me a crafty care-package. Yes, my mother still sends me care packages, how great is that?? Included was a fabric bowl from my childhood home as inspiration and 12 yards of 1/2″ piping cord. I had no excuse! I had to whip up a Scrap-Busting Fabric Bowl. Here’s what you do…Gather ye scraps. I used shades of green with a few pops of peach and blue. Less than a yard total worth of scraps.

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