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In reality, all thread count means is the number of threads per square inch, and that's just one of the many factors that affect the way a fabric feels and performs. Here are some other things to consider:

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Fiber Content

What are your sheets made of? Are they cotton? Linen? Polyester?? A blend of natural and synthetic fibers? Natural fibers breathe best, keeping you most comfortable and promoting the best sleep. And because they get softer with each wash and resist pilling, they age more gracefully than syntheticspersonalized baby blankets, too. All of Coyuchi's bedding is 100% natural.

How is it Grown &; Processed?

Organically grown cotton is not sprayed with synthetic chemicals, and that means it's better for you and for the planet. Conscientious processing methods—with no toxic dyes, bleaches and finishes—ensure organic fabric is gentler on your skin than conventional fabric, too. From field to factory, Coyuchi's cotton is certified by GOTS, the most demanding organic standard in the world, and that makes our sheeting a pleasure to sleep in.


Different people like different-feeling sheets. Coyuchi's 300 Percale isn't "better" than our Crinkled Percale. Both are soft to the touch in their own way, one has a crisp smooth texture while the other has a soft washed and relaxed feel and both have passionate devotees. Meanwhile, our Relaxed Linen?gets its light, cool feel from an airy weave that can only be achieved with a lower thread count.?And our t-shirt soft Jersey and luscious Flannel sheets aren't described by thread count at all (thread count applies to woven fabric, while jersey is a knit; and flannel's coziness is measured in ounces). And let's not even get into the great sateen vs percale debate.

So, if you toss out thread count, how will you choose? There's no right or wrong answer…no magical equation. The "best" sheets are simply the sheets that feel best to you. That's why we say if you don’t love your Coyuchi sheets, we'll take them back.

With Diwali round the corner, the home decoration will be on your mind. You must be thinking of different ways of making your home look graceful. How about bringing trimmings to play? Yes, you can use them on different décor and furnishings, and give your home a splendid touch.

French seams are not as scary as they're talked up to be. I promise! The most tricky part about a French seam is making sure you account for the right width in the seam allowances of your project!French seams are amazingly strong, so they're great for purses, totes, clothing and all sorts of home decor items! They're especially nice for clothes - no rough edges against the skin.?This is the easiest and quickest way I've found to do them - sewing 1/8 and then 1/4 inch seam allowances keeps you from having to spend time cutting extra fabric off, and also keeps you from having to account for a really large seam allowance.

I’m working on a bigger project that will involve a lot of ironing. My ironing board simply isn’t big enough and it would be a pain to keep moving everything around. So I decided to make an ironing mat, which turns my table into a big ironing board. This will make any project that involves ironing much easier and I've already gotten a lot of use out of it.

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