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In this, the last post in our mini-series we're going to be looking at those little touches of luxury such as luxury bedding that can transform your bedroom entirely without breaking the bank! Textiles: Your bedding should be soft and comfortable, but consider a timeless look with more luxurious and colour-fast options. While bright colours look great at first, they can quickly fade if you don't opt for quality. You can add colour with throw pillows of different sizes, colours and patterns. Duvet cover sets can be the last thing you purchase on a total remodel and the first thing you purchase on the cheapest makeover because it can compliment your other choices or set the decorating theme and become the motivation for a gradual change.

Furniture: When you purchase your bedroom furniturepersonalized baby blankets, you don't have to purchase entire suites that include extra pieces, which won't fit in the majority of bedrooms. If they are on sale at a price you can't beat, you might figure out ways you can split the furniture among other rooms, so you have plenty of space for other features you want to include, such as an intimate sitting area or a treadmill in the corner if you want to keep fit without leaving the comfort and security of your bedroom.

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Too much furniture makes a room appear smaller. Consider extra storage features, such as drawer pedestal beds or organiser shelving in your walk-in wardrobe. Making good use of your space is paramount in having plenty of room to add real character. Adding a seating area is something that most people don't think of, but if space allows, a decorative French chaise-lounge chair can be comfortable, affordable and adds a relaxing place to read a good book or take a nap on a lazy weekend.

Victorian armchairs can add an intimate conversation area. Accessories: You might consider a refinish of your wooden or metal bedroom set, because it can make old furniture look new again. To add class to your bedside tables, you might lacquer them and purchase a mirror top, or simply add cheap table lamps with shades to compliment you're colour scheme for example. Slate or granite tiles are perfect for this type of refurbishing and they look great on the coffee tabletop of a sitting area, buy rugs direct from online stores to get the best deals. Think of unique ways to add interest or colour through inexpensive touches, like this and you'll soon transform your bedroom, taking it to the next level of luxury.

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Today I’m sharing with you a way to make your own Quidditch Robes. I made this Halloween Costume for my son several years ago and it’s been lent out and worn many many times (hello midnight movie premiers!) ?

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